• HMP Manchester

    • Construction of new glazed entrance
    • 12 week contract period

    HMP Manchester
  • HMP Sudbury

    • Modernisation of gymnasium, changing and rest room facilities

    HMP Sudbury
  • New Alarm & CCTV Installation,
    HMP Manchester

    • Installation of undercrofts to accommodate new alarm and CCTV cables

    Alarm and CCTV Installation
  • Segreagtion Unit,
    HMP Manchester

    • Refurbishment of segregation unit, including installation of
     new mezzanine floors

    Segreagtion Unit


Through working in prison establishments such as HMP Manchester, Hindley & Sudbury the majority of our directly employed labour and sub contractors have undergone the necessary enhanced clearance procedures.

Sometimes working within occupied prisoner areas meticulous planning is required in order to ensure the safety of our workforce at all times, allowing them to safely and successfully complete the project in hand.

Converting an old workshop into a new state of the art bakery, re-roofing various buildings, constructing a new glazed front entrance and refurbishment of the SIU unit where high risk inmates reside are just some of the projects that we have completed to date.